AI Algorithm Created by Physicist May Prove That Reality is Just a Simulation

Hong Qin, a physicist of Princeton University, has created an AI algorithm capable of predicting the accurate orbits of planets.The algorithm has been partially based on the Simulation Hypothesis that proposes that our perceived reality is nothing more than a simulation.Qin’s AI algorithm is being modified for use on various natural phenomena as well as...

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Exploring the Dark Side of Simulation Theory Through the Documentary ‘A Glitch in the Matrix’

Simulation Theory (Simulation Creationism) insists that our Universe and reality are just a simulation generated by the super-computers of advanced beings.Rodney Ascher, filmmaker of “A Glitch in the Matrix,” delves into the ideology of Simulation Theory as he conducts interviews with believers of this hypothesis.Premiering in 2021 at the Sundance Film Festival, “A Glitch in...

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The 25th Page of the CIA’s Gateway Report on Astral Projection Has Been Discovered

It was 38 years ago that page 25 of the CIA’s “Analysis and Assessment of the Gateway Process” went missing. In 2003, the information was declassified and the hunt began. The military had produced mind-blowing research on the concepts of other dimensions and of astral projection, and this one page was a significant puzzle piece...

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Researchers at Microsoft Claim Our Universe is Nothing More Than a Machine-Learning Algorithm

The Autodidactic Universe A paper has just been released by Microsoft stating that their theoretical physicists have made findings that would indicate that the Universe as we know is nothing more than a machine-learning computer. A number of researchers with ties to Microsoft have published a paper entitled The Autodidactic Universe that elaborates on the...

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A Hypothesis That Argues the Universe Itself Simulates into Existence

What do you think about the reality of your existence? How real you are? What if everything you experience and observe around you— including your home, people, and everything you’ve ever known— is not a physical reality but a detailed simulation? A Swedish-born philosopher at the University of Oxford, Nick Bostrom, has considered this in...

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