Welcome to the Global Architect Institute Archive, your index for research and learning about the concept of Simulation Creationism and Simulation Theory. Over the years, the Global Architect Institute has collected a large amount of data on the topics and has created this indexed archive where all the uploaded information is available for future reference.

Our research initiatives encompass scientific evidence, academic papers, and philosophical essays to provide the public with a reliable source of information on the nature of existence.

Every day, The Global Architect Institute Blog is updated with news in the fields of Simulation Creationism and Simulation Theory.

Evil in Simulation Creationism

Evil and Suffering in Simulation Creationism

Evil is God’s most complicated problem in any apologetics or epistemology. For centuries, philosophers and believers have been tackling the question of evil. They were not convinced by simplistic theological arguing, which remains vague to this day. Argumentations are called theodicies, or proposed explanations to perennial questions. If God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-good, how...

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