Nir Ziso

Nir Ziso

I founded The Global Architect Institute, a platform encouraging a worldwide community to delve into and expand upon my novel concept of Simulation Creationism – a unique blend of Simulation Theory and Creationism.

My journey has always been at the intersection of technology and spirituality. I’ve passionately worked to reinterpret religion through a digital lens. With a rich background in IT and a profound understanding of Theology, I’ve been able to bridge seemingly disparate worlds.

Driven by my insatiable curiosity, I have developed a transformative Theory and Model that offers a fresh perspective on the origins of human existence, proposing that we live within a simulation shaped by a divine force. What is this simulation’s objective? To explore, test, and observe the myriad experiences we encounter, especially as they relate to creation, life, growth, and the progression of technology.

At The Global Architect Institute, we’re always eager to collaborate with forward-thinking individuals from fields like Theology, Technology, and beyond. Our goal? To continuously refine and build upon this model.

Before fully immersing myself in the intricacies of Simulation Creationism, I accumulated invaluable experience in the tech realm. This includes impactful roles as Software Team Leader and Project Manager at MAMRAM, part of Israel’s Defense Force Telecommunications, and leading positions like CEO and CTO in pioneering IT companies.

Beyond theoretical knowledge, I’m proud to hold several technology application patents and am recognized as a top expert and sought-after speaker in Theology.

Outside of my professional journey, I’m deeply committed to animal rights. I’ve been involved in multiple initiatives and currently provide a loving home to seven rescued street dogs.

Yours Truly,
Nir Ziso

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