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Nir Ziso

Nir Ziso is the Founder of The Global Architect Institute, which welcomes a global community to engage with and build upon his original concept of Simulation Creationism – a new branch of Creationism merging Simulation Theory and Creationism.

Beyond his inspiring work in reevaluating religion from a digital perspective, Ziso is a seasoned entrepreneur with a vast IT background and deep expertise in Theology and the Occult.

At present, Ziso is completing the final stages of developing a disruptive model that channels Simulation Creationist theory into a new perspective upon the origins of human existence.

The Global Architect Institute welcomes a collective of respected thinkers in Theology, Technology and further fields to contribute to this model, which will be soon presented.

The model intends to prove that humanity exists within a simulation crafted by a divine entity, whose purpose is to research, trial and monitor all manner of events that man experiences in relation to creation, life and growth alongside advancing technology.

Before realizing the relevance of Simulation Creationism and pursuing its study, Ziso gained years of experience working within the technology sector – including successful stints as Software Team Leader and Project Manager at MAMRAM (Israel’s Defense Force Telecommunications and Information Unit), and Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer at front-running IT organizations.

Ziso also possesses a number of sought-after technology application patents and is a leading expert and in-demand lecturer in Theology and the Occult.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Ziso is a devout animal rights activist. He supports numerous initiatives, has rescued, and currently cares for seven street dogs.

He is also an avid chess player who has won city tournaments, placed fourth in Israel’s national championships, and is a keen shooter with amateur gun modeling experience.

Nir Ziso is always open to new collaborations and welcomes those interested in his personal and professional passions.

If you’d like to engage Ziso, contact his team directly at contact[at]thearchitect[dot]global and he will respond personally as soon as possible.

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