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The Global Architect Institute is a leading organization dedicated to providing the public with the latest knowledge on Simulation Theory and Simulation Creationism,
which argues that everything in our universe, including our very existence as human beings, may only be part of an artificial simulation.

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Simulation Theory by The Global Architect Institute

Founded by world expert Nir Ziso in 2020, The Global Architect Institute is dedicated to disseminating the latest knowledge of Simulation Theory and Simulation Creationism. It is a non-profit organization under IRC Section 501(3)(c). The research in the field has been extensive, and to inform the world, we offer articles and blogs from different perspectives.

The Simulation Hypothesis behind the new theories is a contemporary extension of age-old theories that postulate the origin of the universe and the reason for human existence. Now we can accept the possibility that everything in the universe, humans included, are living in a simulation. 

A simulation is a type of artificial reality in line with our digital era and revolutionary computer technology. Imagine living in an advanced video game that recreates all aspects of life, from love to laughter. Everything we see, feel, taste, or touch would be the result of amazing superior software with incredible powers of mimicry. The world is evolving and technology will one day be capable of predicting the next steps in human intelligence. The algorithm used will be so advanced that human consciousness will not distinguish between virtual and actual reality. Mankind will enjoy another dimension of life that could indicate its future survival.

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